Cedar Shakes and Sidewall Shingles

The Natural Choice

Cedar Shakes & Sidewall Shingles

The Best Look For Sidewall

Nothing can match Western Red Cedar sidewall shingles. You cannot duplicate each individual texture or unique variance from shingle to shingle.

Weekes carries a complete line of Cedar roofing and sidewall components. Our sales staff can provide the correct Cedar product for your roofing or sidewall application.

Product Options

Cedar Roofing & Sidewall Products available at Weekes:

#1 24″ Medium Handsplit Cedar Shake

#1 24″ Heavy Handsplit Cedar Shake

#1 16″ Cedar Shingle

#2 16″ Cedar Shingle

#3 16″ Cedar Shingle

#1 18″ Perfection Cedar Shingle

#1 24″ Royal Cedar Shingle

#1 18″ Rebutted Rejointed Cedar Shingle FOR SIDEWALLS

#1 Tapersawn Ridge

#1 16″ Shingle Ridge

#1 18″ Primed White Grooved Cedar Sidewall Shingle

Shake Vs. Shingle?

What is the difference between a “shake” and a “shingle?” Find out in the technical guides below!

Wood Roofing & Sidewall Technical Guides

Cedar Shingle Sidewall Installation Guide

Wood Roofing Manual

Cedar Shake & Shingle Bureau Website

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