Prime Wrap has almost twice the tensile strength of most competitive products-keeping your house wrap on your home, where you need it.

Prime Wrap House Wrap
PrimeWrap Sheathing Tape


  • Prime Wrap is one of the few translucent house wrap products, making it easier to accurately cut, fit and fasten
  • Easier installation results in even more savings
  • See your nailing lines for siding
  • See your window openings
  • Prime Wrap is protected from harmful ultra-violet rays up to 3 times as long as most competitive products.
  • Prime Wrap stays on the house longer
  • Exceptional water holdout while optimizing moisture vapor transmission
  • Prime Wrap meets or exceeds minimum 5 perms required by building code

Product Options

Prime Wrap Roll sizes in stock at Weekes:

9′ x 100′
9′ x 150′
9′ x 195′
10′ x 100′
10′ x 150′
10 x 195′

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