At Weekes our products are supported by a team of experienced specialists, who are considered the best in the industry!

Our sales, support staff and material handlers are the ultimate, value-added feature we offer Weekes customers. Their professionalism, experience and absolute commitment to getting the job done right the first time make them our most valuable resource. If you’re up for the challenge and interested in joining a family-oriented organization with an entrepreneurial culture and strong track record of success, contact us today!

Why choose Weekes?  We offer competitive compensation packages and are an Employee Owned Company (ESOP).

Weekes is 100% employee owned company via its Employee Stock Ownership Program (ESOP) and has an outstanding suite of employee benefits.  ESOP gives employees an ownership stake in the value & success of the company.

We believe a company cannot rise above its people.  Our goal is to recruit and retain honest, hardworking, competent individuals.  We encourage our team of employee-owners across the United States to visualize themselves as part owners of a business much like if you owned a farm or apartment building in partnership with members of your family.

All shareholders at Weekes are not faceless members of an ever-shifting crowd, but rather co-owners who have entrusted their time, effort and career into what may likely be their largest financial asset.  We measure our success by the long-term progress of our company rather than by month-to-month movements.

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