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Some of the Utility Poles we offer…

SYP Poles


  • Lightweight & easy installation
  • Non-Conductive
  • Ideal for secluded and limited access area installations
  • No treatments or periodic inspections required
  • Non-toxic discarding
  • Pest & woodpecker resistant
  • Corrosion and weather resistant
  • Maintenance free
  • Long life – up to 80 years
  • Custom colors available
  • Multiple ways to purchase ranging from pieces, units, truckload and railcars

Utility Poles

Utility Poles

Our DF copper Naphthenate Poles:

Our poles on Leavitts transportation truck:

Photo Credits:  Fred Noah, Conrad Forest Products

Product Options:

Utility Pole Species & Preservatives Available:

  • Southern Pine – CCA, CCA/ET (Clear & Brown), Creosote, Copper Azole, Copper Naphthenate & Penta
  • Douglas Fir – ACZA, Copper Naphthenate, Creosote & Penta
  • Red Pine – CCA & Penta
  • Western Red Cedar – CCA, Copper Naphthenate & Penta
  • A full range of distribution and transmission sizes available in accordance with ANSI 05.1, AWPA or RUS

Additional Details:

Multiple inspection options available.

Custom framing and sizes available too!

LTL or Full-truckload shipments.  No order size is too small!

Other names for utility poles are wood poles, poles, telephone poles and round poles.

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