Truly great buildings are designed and constructed to stand the test of time. That’s why leading builders and architects choose Cedar Valley Siding systems for their finest projects. No outside wall treatment, natural or man-made, protects better or more beautifully.

With no exposed fasteners and a blind nail application, Cedar Valley’s one-course cedar shingle panels create a natural appearance that is both timeless and tasteful.

Cedar Shingle Panels

Fully Integrated Siding System

Cedar Valley Cedar Shingle Panels

Save Time & Labor

Cedar Valley Cedar Shingle Panels

Timeless & Tasteful

Cedar Valley Cedar Shingle Panels

Handcrafted Results


Easy to install panel saves time. Lower installation costs. A versatile, integrated system

  • The patented Cedar Valley panel installs easier and faster than most other siding products – on average, four times faster than individual shingles. There’s no starter course, the end joints don’t require caulking and only minimal fasteners are needed per panel. Plus, the panel provides a seamless appearance with blind nailing application
  • The installed cost of Cedar Valley is typically lower than that of individual shingles because you can get more done with less labor and you don’t need to hire a specialized crew. A siding crew can usually install 12+ squares a day of Cedar Valley compared to only three squares a day of hand applied shingles
  • The Cedar Valley panel system of panels, corners, column wraps, specialty products and more offers builders a wide range of options to provide a fully integrated siding system. The accessory line for the 1-Course panel is more extensive and allows more flexibility in design.
  • Handcrafted with 100% Western Red Cedar shingles
  • 8 foot panels
  • Matching corners and column wraps
  • Mounted over a fiberglass moisture barrier and strong plywood backing, truly nature’s finest siding
  • Engineered to withstand winds up to 200 m.p.h.
  • ICC and TDI approved

Product Options

Panels are available in Even Buttline, Staggered Buttline and Open Keyway shingle patterns. Specialized and Custom Exposure panels are also available.

Factory finishing is available. Available with FTX fire retardant treatment.

Decorator Shingles

Non Stock/Special Order Items
Shipped by UPS. Delivery time is 7-10 business days.
25 square/carton    7″ Exposure   4-5/16″ Width   96 pieces/carton

Flush Corner Systems

Decorator Panels
Open Keyway Even Buttline
1 Course Open Keyway Even Buttline

5.3″ Exposure   1-Course   8 pieces/bundle   4.75 lineal feet/bundle   12 bundles/box

7 1/8″ Exposure   1-Course   8 pieces/bundle   4.75 lineal feet/bundle   8 bundles/box

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