The very best grades and size selection available in Western Red Cedar are available from Weekes.

Clear Cedar Decking & Trim
Clear Cedar Decking & Trim


  • Satin smooth moulder finish with a soft edge
  • Nothing matches the rich color and beauty of real Western Red Cedar
  • The perfect compliment to your upscale building project
  • A great compliment to offset many other natural and man made materials such as stone or timbers

Product Options

Kiln Dried Western Red Cedar in stock:

1″ x 4″ S4S
1″ x 6″ S4S
1″ x 8″ S4S
1″ x 10″ S4S
1″ x 12″ S4S
5/4″ x 6″ S1S2E
5/4″ x 8″ S1S2E
5/4″ x 12″ S1S2E
2″ x 4″ S4S
2″ x 6″ S4S
2″ x 8″ S4S
2″ x 10″ S4S
2″ x 12″ S4S

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