For the customer who wants an above average board at a competitive price.

Gorman Craftsman Spruce Boards

The Finest Available!

Gorman Craftsman Spruce Boards

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  • Moulder finished with the Gorman micro-eased edge
  • 50% less wane than WWPA or NLGA #3 Common Grade
  • 67% less splitting
  • Less than 10% of boards have the permitted amount of skip
  • Superior drying yields better boards
  • Heat treat (HT) stamped
  • End waxed to reduce splits
  • Craftsman grade features the Gorman Edge

Product Options

Kiln Dried Craftsman Spruce S4S sizes in stock at Logan Lumber:

1 x 4

1 x 6

1 x 8

1 x 10

1 x 12

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