Gorman boards are the finest available.

No other producer optimizes all these features as well as Gorman:
Fine Milling, Small Knot Grade, Gorman Edge, Slow Drying, Consistent Availability

Gorman Elite Spruce Boards
Weekes Forest Products


  • The finest Spruce boards in the world
  • Slow and gentle drying means flatter, more stable boards
  • High speed moulder finish means sanding less
  • Features the Gorman Edge-Micro eased for fewer slivers
  • Environmentally certified
  • End waxed to reduce splitting
  • 100% less blue stain than WWPA or NLGA standard for 2 and Better Common
  • 50% less edge wane
  • 40% less face wane

Product Options

Kiln Dried Gorman Elite S4S in stock:

1 x 4

1 x 6

1 x 8

1 x 10

1 x 12

Gorman Videos

Gorman Brothers Promotional Video 2020

A demonstration of the differences and quality of “Gorman – The Finest Boards”

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