For Stone, Stucco, Brick, EIFS and Manufactured Stone Applications


  • Manufactured from a mold resistant non-absorptive composite material
  • Manufactured with dual vertical and horizontal channels on the front and backside of the furring strip. This allows for dual drainage and cross ventilation. The dual channel design reduces surface area contact by 86% when compared to traditional wooden furring strips
  • Meets the National Building Code of Canada capillary break requirements for high moisture index
  • Meets or exceeds applicable U.S. Building Codes
  • Manufactured with fastening slots to allow for differential movement during installation
  • White in color to match most trim work
  • Will not become brittle and crack during cold weather installations
  • Light-weight and easy to install
  • Helps increase the longevity of wall sheathing and framing by allowing moisture to Drain, Not Remain®

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Sizes in stock at Weekes:
50 piece cartons
1 x 8 #2 and Better S1S2E
1 x 10 #2 and Better S1S2E
1 x 12 #2 and Better S1S2E

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