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Western Red Cedar

Idaho Forest Group makes a science of growing and producing the very best Inland Northwest cedar that is a consistently good looking, high quality cedar product you can count on.


  • The performance of Western Red Cedar
  • Pleasing color characteristics
  • A full cedar product line
  • The highest grading standards in the industry
  • Superior millwork-we know how to handle Cedar
  • Control of fiber means-consistent supply
  • Kiln Dried for exceptional stability
  • End wax/branding for better appearance
  • Durability, beauty and versatility of Western Red Cedar

Product Options

Common Inland Western Red Cedar sizes in stock at Weekes:

1 x 4 #3 and Better S1S2E KD

1 x 6 #3 and Better S1S2E KD

1 x 8 #3 and Better S1S2E KD

1 x 10 #3 and Better S1S2E KD

1 x 12 #3 and Better S1S2E KD

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